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Haven't written for a long time. Now all my time is spent on completing missions in one poker room. While I will not give details, I hope I will be able to fulfill all the conditions and win the main tournament.

In sports, I manage to follow the results, but I do not have time to do analytics.

There are 4 teams left in the NHL.  My favorite "Vegas Golden Knights". 

The KHL has begun, 4 rounds have been played, I will also follow.

Today, in addition to missions, i played at 888poker, nl5 cash.

But first, I'll show you a small win.

I decided to distract myself and play nl5 cash. Lost 1 buy-in.

I took a rebuy, but the game was terrible and now they give me AJо

As you can see, I limped on a bet, and then called the big bet. It was a mistake, I was clearly behind the opponent's range.

The flop just isn't mine. I decided to play all-in, I was clearly on tilt. My opponent made a call and showed 99, I think he realized that I didn't have anything.

How glad I was to see the ace, he saved me. After that I closed the poker room and decided to write to you about it.

I guess I will continue the evening with my wife and we will see a great movie.

Good luck everyone and win.

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