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Poker games will be installed on Chinese Tesla

Tesla China

At the beginning of 2020, the updated software with two poker games will be installed on Chinese Tesla. It will be possible to play the games on the dashboard.

The exact date of a new software launch is not yet known, however these apps will be available in China for a certain time.

The prohibition of poker in China

After the Chinese government began to block poker apps even for play chips, the promotion of poker in this country slowed down.

Tesla Company takes the risk by installing this soft on its Chinese cars. However, Tencent Company which develops these applications took the greater risk. In 2018, Tencent were forced to close a number of its projects and poker programs due to a prohibition by the Chinese authorities.

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Poker games on Tesla dashboards

Of course, it will be possible to play poker games on Tesla dashboard when the car isn’t moving. Also, the users of updated software on Tesla will get one of the varieties of Mahjong, as well as Cartoon Streaming.

The new software is intended for drivers rather than for children, that’s why it shouldn’t be blocked by the Chinese authorities. Taking into account the Chinese active struggle against the poker applications, these updates for Tesla dashboards can become a “breath of fresh air” for the poker fans in China.

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