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Year / Countries: 2002 / USA

Genres: thriller, crime

Budget: $10,000,000

Directors: Damian Nieman

Cast: Stuart Townsend (Vernon), Thandie Newton (Tiffany), Gabriel Byrne (Miller), Sylvester Stallone (Stevens), Melanie Griffith (Eve), Jamie Foxx (Jennings)

Kinopoisk rating: 7,0

IMDb rating: 6,4

The films about card sharks are popular in America and “Shade” is one of the examples of such movie. Three skillful gamblers are in the center of story: Charlie Miller, who is a master of frauds and who gathered three guys together, Vernon who masterfully owns the card skill, and Larry Jennings who is a professional sharper. Pretty girl Tiffany is Charlie’s wife, and she keeps the guys’ company.

They were invincible together until decided to play for the high stakes against famous player Dean Stevens who made his fortune while playing with gangsters, killers and mobsters. Self-confident Vernon who was tired of earning money for living by means of tricks, encouraged the company for this idea.

Where will this dangerous adventure lead the friends? Will they be able to hit the jackpot and escape unharmed?

If you love poker and thrillers’ hazard atmosphere - watch the movie “Shade” online.

Interesting facts about film:

  • Film grossed over 25,000$ with a budget of 10,000,000$.
  • The comments about poker movie are predominantly good.

Film trailer:

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lord user

I liked it - sexy young ladies, stylish men, an atmosphere of mystery and tension, poker, money. Yes, and there is also Stallone here!

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