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Pou hark wong

Year / Countries: 2009 / Hong Kong

Genres: сomedy

Directors: Chan Hing-Ka, Janet Chun

Cast: Sean Lau (Uno Cheuk), Jo Kuk (Joan), Louis Koo (Jack Chang), Stephy Tang (Smiley)

Kinopoisk rating: 6,2

IMDb rating: 5,3

Jack Chang is a young online poker player from Asia who moved to Canada. His father owns a casino in their homeland, in Macau. After the death of the elder Chang, an egotistical card pro Uno Cheuk came to the power. Jack returned to claim his rights to a gambling establishment, but Cheuk publicly disgraced him and expelled him.

Jack masterfully acquired online poker skills and realized that he was a real loser in the live game. The guy was ready to give up, but at that moment he met a girl Smiley who brought him a tangible success. Chang started to learn the features of play in a live poker with her help and succeeded in it. His main goal was to participate in Asian Poker Tour where he would have to fight for a title against the hated champion Uno.

The movie "Pou hark wong" lasts about 2 hours. If you like Chinese comedies and poker movies – watch it in the video below.

​Movie trailer:

Reviews (2)
AgroBet user
User's aura AgroBet 122

Funny comedy. I recommend for viewing. If you want to see an unusual movie then this movie is for you.

sharky86 user

Fun comedy, I liked it. It's interesting that you can see famous poker players here - for example, Johnny Chan and David Rheem.

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