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Year / Countries: 2012 / Canada, USA

Genres: documentary, drama

Directors: Matt Gallagher

Kinopoisk rating: -

IMDb rating: 6,0

Matt Gallagher is in the middle of the documentary poker movie "Grinders". He has wife and a newborn child, and he should maintain a family. Unemployed director decided to take a shot at poker in order to earn money for living. Over time, he was drawn into play and became a professional player and frequent visitor of underground clubs.

He showed poker in the film as it is in reality in Canada. The filming was carried out in the underground casinos where you could see the real players. Matt demonstrated poker game not for fun, but for surviving, earning for a living (for bill payments, diapers, food, etc.), when you really need to earn money. Those players who have a plan - win. Those who do not have it, are losers. This is the basic idea of Gallagher.

Interesting facts about film:

  • The slogan of the film is “Odds don't mean much outside the poker room.”

​Movie trailer:

Reviews (2)
Bob user

It's a documentary film which showed everything whithout exaggeration. I liked it. 

nicko user

Nice material about illegal underground poker world of Toronto. It shows real dangers of gambling. 

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