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Casino Royale

Year / Countries: 2006 / UK, Czech Republic, USA

Genres: thriller, action, adventure

Budget: $150 000 000

Directors: Martin Campbell

Cast: Daniel Craig (James Bond), Eva Green (Vesper Lynd), Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chiffre), Judi Dench (M), Jeffrey Wright (Felix Leiter), Giancarlo Giannini (Rene Mathis)

Kinopoisk rating: 7,7

IMDb rating: 8,0

Agent 007 is the most famous English spy in the world. He is also known as Bond… James Bond. The guy has to save the world from a villain over again. This time he will demonstrate his skills not only on the battlefield, but also while playing poker.

The main villain of the given bondiana is Le Chiffre, financial genius who works for a bunch of terrorists. He manages to organize the high-stakes poker game in the «Royale» casino in Montenegro. Secret service figures out that if Le Chiffre loses – he will have no place to escape, thus Bond, as the best player among agents, is sent to fight against the criminal.

What’s the spy movie without a love line? The lady friend of Bond in «Casino Royale» is his companion, who was assigned to look after the government money that was provided to James for the game. The girl was sent in case of the agent's failure, as then the state funds will serve for the development of terrorism.

This film is full of car chases, shootouts and action.

If you like spy movies as well as poker and atmosphere of gambling, then watch the «Casino Royale» film online…

Interesting facts about the film:

  • The «Casino Royale» film is based on the book of the same title by Ian Fleming, and it’s the first part of bondiana (fiction novels about the spy - James Bond). Prior to this, the picture was filmed twice: in 1954 and in 1967.
  • With a budget of $150 000 000, the movie collected more than $594 000 000 at the box office, $84 000 000 of which were gathered during the very first weekend the film was being shown in the cinemas.

Watch «Casino Royale» in English online (on paid basis):

Film trailer:

Reviews (5)
johnwick user

A fascinating and tense movie about James Bond with greatest Daniel Craig! poker here of course is shown "like in the movies", constant bluffs and premium hands only, but it just adds to the entertainment. I recommend this film for viewing, personally watched it 2 times.

MacDonald user

The film is very dynamic, especially at the beginning. There are chases and fights, action scenes that are essential for this movie genre. Tension lasts throughout the film, it’s hard to take the eyes off. Good acting

grenadine user

I advise this film, it worth watching, don't hesitate!

just_poker user

Don't know, but I didn't really like this part.... and as for poker, the movie doesn't display real game. I'm dissapointed a bit, better to watch some documentaries thatshow real life and real poker.

lika user

This was the last good Bond movie! further ones - I didn’t like them at all. And by the way, it was very exciting to watch poker here. And the love story is beautiful.

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