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Year / Countries: 2006 / USA

Genres: action, arama

Budget: $200 000

Directors: Daniel Drizilli

Cast: Lacey Toups (Brook), Christina Morris (Elle), Sheena Chou (Pieti), Garret Sato (Chow)

Kinopoisk rating: -

IMDb rating: 2,5

The film «Aces» is about girls in poker. In the center of the plot, there are three female students, each of whom has got a special ability. Brook is good at mathematics of poker and is able to remember the cards easily; Elle can divert the attention of players and disorient opponents with the help of her charm and Pieti is a «cyber-nerd» and understands modern technologies well. By combining their efforts, the girls intend to conquer the world of poker and gambling games by earning lots of money.

The coherent trio starts to implement the plan enthusiastically. Watch the film «Aces» (2006) to figure out what happen in the end.

Interesting facts about the film:

  • The tagline describes the film briefly in the following way - «Three Girls. One Summer. No Limit.».
Reviews (2)
AgroBet user
User's aura AgroBet 115

Probably the worst thing you could see. I accidentally found this movie in the recommendations.

dgaron79 user

The movie has a poker line, but personally I don't consider it really exciting. The idea is good, but probably due to a tiny budget something went wrong, I feel like I wasted my time for watching it...

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