Winning in Tough Hold'em Games

Original name: Winning in Tough Hold'em Games: Short-Handed and High-Stakes Concepts and Theory for Limit Hold 'em

Author: Nick Grudzien

Year: 2007

Language: Russian

Section: Books about texas holdem

Disciplines: limit Hold’em

With the growing popularity of online poker, books began to appear in poker literature that focused on playing at virtual tables. Two comrades and successful professionals Nick Gradzhayn and Joff Herzog shared their experiences and ideas regarding the most effective and productive online games. They did not focus on the basics and game theory. Their book “Winning in Hard Hold'em” is aimed at a more experienced audience. It focuses on such advanced concepts as stealing the blinds, limping, semi-bluffing, playing in multipots and much more. They took into account such features of poker in the network, such as, for example, the possibility of using statistics collection programs or the presence of rakeback.

Read Grajine and Herzog's Winning Hard Hold'em by downloading the book in PDF and Fb2 format.

With their creation, poker players do not try to eclipse famous poker books, but on the contrary - they complement them, largely relying on theories and arguments of other authors.

At the end you will find examples of distributions played by the "Stoxtrader", as well as a special task book for checking the mastered material (with the correct answer from the authors of the book).

A little bit about the authors:

The authors of the book Nick Grajjne and Joff Herzog were in the same university fraternity, but after studying their career paths diverged. Nick has worked for 10 years on Wall Street. When the guy realized that poker in online brings him a lot of profit and pleasure - he quit his job and after a while offered Joffe, who was engaged in jurisprudence at the time, to do the same. Now each of them is a high stakes online player and a frequent guest of live games.

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