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Poker alive or not?)

Well, guys, have you already composed check-lists? You would have an upswing not only thanks to a cool strategy))

I want to show you interesting information, especially for those who think that poker is already dying

I google how much money earn players of various limits from micro to nl50 on the well-known site. Look what happens

Already on nl10 you can have a good income

And nl50 will feed you already as a mid-level specialist

That is, if you think whether I can or not, everything will depend on how you get to business

If you act deliberately and sedately - you can do it. After all, the other thousands of low-limit players get it

And today I with my lovely wife went to the north of the island to the Munduk province, so wait tomorrow for cool photos)))

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I am a professional poker player, I am playing nl100-200+ on Chine apps
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nanoshark user
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Oo, i am looking new discipline but cash 6max i think is taff

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deviles2006 user
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I think it is not complicated if u have good table select )) 

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