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Partypoker streamers raffle shares in Millions Online

Millions Online

Millions Online tournament started at Partypoker. It has the biggest guarantee in the history of online poker – $20 000 000. The poker room carried out a lot of satellites and promotions, but not everyone was able to be qualified for  $10 300 tournament.

There is good news: it is possible to get Millions Online prize money without participation in the tournament. The participants of Team Online raffle their shares in the tournament.

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Jeff Gross raffles 5% of his result in Millions Online among 5 Twitter subscribers (1% for each). The conditions are simple:

Gross will also raffle 3% among 3 subscribers in Instagram (1% for each):

Travis Darroch was qualified for Partypoker Million through the satellite and took the 3rd place. He is going to raffle 1% among 4 subscribers in Twitter (0,25% for each). It won’t be difficult to win Darroch’s share: you need to subscribe, like and retweet the post with raffle. If Travis collects 4 000 subscribers (now he has over 3 500), he will raffle another 4 shares – 0.25% for each.

Jaime Staples is going to raffle 5 shares (0,5% for each) among his subscribers in Twitter:

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