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Partypoker MILLION had to be canceled during the game

Partypoker Million was cancelled

The long-awaited partypoker MILLION tournament with a guarantee of $1 000 000 had to be canceled due to a malfunction in the work of the room.

For technical reasons, players from day 1D (368 people), which was played a couple of hours before the start of day 2, did not get on the final day of the tournament.

The representatives of PartyPoker apologized to the players in their social networks and promised not only to compensate their losses, but also to provide everyone with a ticket to a similar tournament:

“We apologize for the issues with the partypoker MILLION tonight. An error occurred that prevented the Day 1D players being loaded into Day 2. This resulted in the cancellation of the tournament”.

According to Partypoker, players who played on Day 2 and busted from the game will save the money they received as prizes in the tournament. All players who were still in the game at the time of the suspension of the tournament will be paid the next pending prize money. Partypoker will bear all these expenses in excess of a million dollar guarantee.

All players who have passed through the first day will receive a share of the prize pool of $1 million – 50% will be divided equally between all the players, and 50% based on the equity of the chips at the end of the first day. All players of the second day will also be given a ticket to a similar partypoker MILLION tournament, worth $215.

Rob Yong commented that “probably the worst has happened that can happen during a tournament on a poker site” and also said that compensation will be paid to all the players as soon as possible.

Anatoly Filatov, despite the fact that he did not make to day 2 of the tournament, was upset by the incident as an ambassador of the poker room. But he was also pleased with the decision of the company, which he represents:

“The tournament with million guarantee was canceled due to a software failure. There was an hour pause and a decision to cancel the tournament. Compensation will be paid to all players and Partypoker will throw a ton of its own money on top of the guarantee. In theory, they should pay everyone during 24 hours. I myself did not make it to day 2, but in fact this incident really upset me, because it is a very cool tournament, a cool idea: for $215 buy-in, the prize pool is a million. Now the prize fund will be paid in full and on top there will be bonuses. All the guys that played in this day 2 – do not worry. This time you didn’t win, next time you will win. And you surely will get your money ”.

A similar opinion was expressed by another poker room ambassador – Jamie Staples. Jamie called this situation very disappointing for players. But he also said that he is “proud to be working with a company that has come to this conclusion and to this compensation to players”.

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