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PartyPoker is an official sponsor of Bill Perkins Twitch-channel

PartyPoker and Twitch-channel of Bill Perkins

​In 2016 businessmen and poker fan Bill Perkins created Twitch-channel “The Thirst Lounge.” At first there were customary streams of the player. But now, live poker, videos about the players' lives and so on is broadcasted on the channel apart from the game. Bill and entire team of poker players from Europe and USA with diverse life experiences are engaged in the channel content.

Now the company is called “The Thirst Lounge 10” and it has 10 content providers. The number of brand’s ambassadors includes the beginner player and successful streamer Kat Valdez, the winner of TV show “Survivor” Adam Klein, popular poker player Kelly Minkin, the host of poker shows “Stones LIVE” and “The Cage” Justin Kelly, Bill Perkins and other.

Each of the 10 channel’s owners starting from poker veterans to the streamers of a new century has the right to introduce their own creative approach to The Thirst Lounge and to ensure that every show will remain interesting and unique, thereby attracting demographic audience.

But what is more important is that since February 13, PartyPoker has become an official sponsor of “The Thirst Lounge 10”.

Bill Perkins said the following concerning a new collaboration:

“I am extremely grateful for partypoker to put their faith in The Thirst Lounge. We work with a fun, outgoing group. It will be a pleasure to watch them grow and develop The Thirst Lounge as well as their own brands.

I am glad that partypoker is “thirsty” to come on board and support this exciting venture with us!”

The partnership with The Thirst Lounge is a part of wider streaming strategy that was adopted by partypoker. It was hinted in the official blog of company that they are going to make a couple of interesting announcements in the coming days. This makes you think about the truthfulness of theories which were expressed on 2+2 forum concerning the disengaging of such popular streamers as Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples from PokerStars Team.

Bill Perkins and PartyPoker

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