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PartyPoker introduced SnG Daily Leaderboard with $7 250 prize pool

SnG Leaderboard at Partypoker

A few days ago, PartyPoker launched the Daily Spins Leaderboards with a prize pool of $12 500.

The room’s team took a decision not to stop there and introduced another leaderboard for the players, who prefer participating in SnG tournaments.

Since March 30, PartyPoker changes its weekly SNG leaderboard into a daily one. As part of this leaderboard, $7 250 will be raffled among the best SnG players (every day).

The leaderboard will be split into 4 limits, but only 2 players of each limit will be given cash prizes. Points toward the leaderboard are awarded as follows:

  • Points = 10х[√players' number /√your finishing position in SnG event]x[1+log(tournament buy-in+0,25)].

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Those participants who won’t get cash prizes, but take prize places in the leaderboard, will be issued tickets to the SNG tournaments:

PlaceLimit $1–$9,99Limit $10–$49,99Limit $50–$199,99Limit $200 and higher
33 tickets for $102 tickets for $506 tickets for $503 tickets for $100
45 tickets for $52 tickets for $505 tickets for $502 tickets for $100
54 tickets for $52 tickets for $505 tickets for $503 tickets for $50
64 tickets for $54 tickets for $203 tickets for $503 tickets for $50
74 tickets for $51 ticket for $503 tickets for $502 tickets for $50
83 tickets for $51 ticket for $502 tickets for $502 tickets for $50
93 tickets for $52 tickets for $202 tickets for $502 tickets for $50
103 tickets for $52 tickets for $202 tickets for $502 tickets for $50
11–142 tickets for $52 tickets for $201 ticket for $50
13–152 tickets for $51 ticket for $201 ticket for $50
16–201 ticket for $51 ticket for $201 ticket for $50
21–251 ticket for $51 ticket for $20
26–401 ticket for $51 ticket for $10
41–501 ticket for $31 ticket for $10
51–601 ticket for $3
61–751 ticket for $1

The leaderboard starts every day at 8:00 pm by GMT and finishes at 7:59 pm by GMT the next day.

Given the launch of the Daily Spins Leaderboards and SnG Daily Leaderboard, it is possible that PartyPoker will soon add one more leaderboard for some game format.

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