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Party poker hates me

Hey guys,

Noticed, Gerasoul already announced, that HighStakes poker room got closed and not that I was anywhere close to completing the 10k challange, I had slightly over 1.5k$, but they promised 500 euros to anyone, who manage to stay 1k+ after 60 days. Anyways, rest in peace HS.

From my very first day at Party Poker I completly disliked being there for several reasons:

1) I got promoted by pokerschool, which turned out to be one of the biggest scams of poker schools in CIS.

2) I completly hate the software they have and after ages at Pokerstars, every click of a button at Party make me want to close this app and never open again.

3) Eventhough I feel, that the field at Party is way easier, that Stars, I just can't switch my game from being a total gambler to at least play well.

So today Stars had a server restart for an hour and I opened Party to play some MTT's.

After busting from all tourneys, which I actually played well, just got unlucky few spots - I opened cash NL5 table and just got wrecked in 5 hands. This was insane set up hand after hand.

1) I had sixes small blind, 3 bet BU, he 4bet, I call. Flop K69, we go all-in he shows kings. Ok!

2) Same guy, same spot, I ahve tens, he has queens. All-in preflop. No miracle.

3) I defend big from the same guy with Q6o, flop Q98, turn 7, we shove. He shows 99. C'mon!!!

4) Im kind of tilted already 4betting with AQo on the button, now different guy, he just calls. Flop AKQ, we go all-in he show AK. Speechless.

5) Classy 88 vs AK, as you probably already figured out, there was no mercy this hand for me.

I felt like Mike "the Mouth" Mattusow, just running so freaking baaaad.

I still have some money left at Party, but I just don't feel like going there for poker anymore.

Hope this was not to sad to read.



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Comments (3)
MrKaplin user
User's aura MrKaplin 1270

Flop K69, we go all-in he shows kings. Ok!


It wasn't your day, you'll be lucky next time)

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McFly user
User's aura McFly 163

it's true that every grinder has favorite rooms and the rooms that he hates :)

what rooms do u like?

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SidPoker user
User's aura SidPoker 71

haha I also am not a fan of partypoker, nice promotions and tournaments but design is boring and soft is not superior!

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