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My choice, why CASH and not MTT or SnG? (p2.)

In the last post, i talk about pluses of cash games

Minuses of cash games

 1. Competition

Since the cash is the most popular format in general, competition in it is much higher than in others. While fished are not worried about which of the three formats to choose, cash tends to attract more players that are professional. This is quite logical. As I said, the flexibility of cash games makes it much easier to plan your life, and a stable profit helps you to pay your bills on time.

2. Difficulty

In general, this is a plus for some players, including me. In my opinion, the cash is the most difficult format in which you can develop. Stacks are usually quite deep and therefore you make more decisions in postflop. Decisions in the later streets are much more complicated than in other formats. You can’t quickly figure out if your opponent is bluffing, or how often he will have a nut when he makes a big bet on the river. I respect other formats and in no way want to offend their regulars. But, in my opinion, the cash player is much more likely to succeed in tournaments or SnG than tournament regulars and SnG in the cash.

Tournament Pros

1. Large prize pool

There is nothing more exciting in the poker world than the tournament final table. And if you've ever won a poker tournament, you understand what that feeling is. Not to mention how good it is for your bankroll! That's why sometimes I still play MTT. I love that feeling when you go deep and have a chance to get a big win.

2. Backing

Backing(full or partial financial support from a third side with subsequent profit sharing) is much easier to get in this format. In general, the tournament environment is famous for its backing culture, which exists for both online and offline tournaments. Such a safety net might be in order, taking into account the crazy dispersion in tournaments

Minuses of Tournaments

1. Tied to the chair

This is the reason number one why I never became an MTT regular. I want to be able to make plans, meet friends, and not depend on how deep I went in the tournament. In addition, what is even more annoying is when you register in 10 tournaments, quickly run out to 9 of them, but in one, you hold for long period and that’s why you sit for another 4 hours and run out right in front of the final table, losing the flip.

2. Extreme variance

Tournament players often have periods of several months without a good result. Sometimes such downswings can last for years. In the end, it will undermine your mind, and you can completely lose confidence in your abilities. To deal with such crazy variances in tournaments can only people with a unique psyche.

3. Low cap

Despite the fact that there is nothing better for your bankroll than the 1st place in the tournament, I think that tournaments have the lowest potential profit cap, at least online. Every year we hear about one or two new guys who wins in some large MTT. But after the variance begins to show its other side and all these guys disappear. Therefore, tournaments are the most unstable source of income from all three formats.

next, I will explain what I think about SnG

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