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My choice, why CASH and not MTT or SnG?

When you first discover online poker, you are offered a choice: you can play cash games, tournaments or SnG. All are poker. The rules are the same everywhere. However, in reality, these are completely different formats, each of which requires a different set of strategies for success.

I think most of you already know which format I prefer. I have spent most of my poker career playing cash games. Still, I know that the cash, tournaments, and SnG have both pros and cons. I like tournaments and I used to play them before the buy-in of $ 215 and SnG and Spin$go up to $ 100, of course, throughout my poker career I tried myself in different disciplines. In a couple of posts, I will try to talk about what, in my opinion, their pros and cons, and why in the end I decided to choose a cash for myself.

Before I begin, some may ask a question, why choose anything at all? Why do not combine all three formats, or at least two?

This is a good question and the answer is quite simple. If you try to show yourself in several different formats at once, you will not become a specialist in any. In my opinion, it is best to specialize in one format and try to become as good as possible in it, rather than trying to get everything at once. This will give you much more profit.

So let's get started!

Cash Pros 1.


This was one of the main reasons why I chose cash games. I can start and end the session whenever I want. If I want to play for 15 minutes, I’ll play for only 15 minutes. If I want to play for 8 hours, I’ll play for 8 hours. In addition, I don’t need to plan my sessions at any certain time of the day. There is always an action at the cash tables, and I can start playing whenever I want. This makes it easier for me to plan my life and helps me deal with tilt. If things are going really badly, and I feel that my game is getting worse, I can just close all the tables and not play all day.

2. Stable profit

Equally important to me is the ability to win on a regular basis. I know what I can expect from cash games. Yes, sometimes there are long periods of downswings and coolers, but I know that most of the days I will leave the tables with profit. Despite the fact that you first need to focus on the long term, these frequent wins are good for us from a psychological point of view. Stable results (compared to the other two formats) allow me to be more confident in my abilities.

3. High cap

Despite the fact that I am primarily known as a regular of average limits, and in general I don’t strive for high limits (at least for the moment), I believe that the cash has the highest potential profit cap among the three formats. Of course, action at high limits has decently weakened recently, but The Millionaire's Club is still full.

As you can see, there is still action at high limits and people are raising quickly)

                                                                                   Hands            Profit                   Ev$                    BB/100

I think that the top winners of the other two formats just approaching such indicators from year to year, especially if we take into account the hourly time. If you want to become rich, play the cash.

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