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Lucky Saturday!

Hello, Cardmates!

I will remember the last Saturday for a long time. No signs of trouble. I played a regular session. I managed to win one small tournament:

At the end of the session, he started playing tournaments with a turbo structure of growing blinds. Together with them, I accidentally entered the bounty builder tournament. It was getting late. It's time to go to bed, but I still could not fly out of this one single tournament. He sat there until the morning. Finished in 8th place and received $ 80.

In general, I am satisfied with the result. I slept only 4 hours today. I'm feeling lousy, so I'll end today's session early and go to bed. 

I remembered one funny distribution:

We played all in preflop. Imagine my surprise when, having T7s in my hands, I was ahead of them in equity. Unfortunately, I lost this hand:

The winnings could be much higher if I managed to win this hand. But we have what we have.

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But we have what we have.


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