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Luck or not luck?

Good day Cardmates,

From my childhood I believe in luck and used many different things, which I called lucky. I had a lucky chip, from my first casino win, a lucky chip guard, that one friend of mine gave to me. I even have a lucky road home, which is a longer, than a usual one, but I believe, that I get lucky thoughts on my way there.

My mom once visited Ireland and brought me a cool tea mug with four leaves clover on it - I always use it now, when play poker. I wear a silver Saturn and Sun, which I believe bring me not only luck, but also other important things. Also I wear every day a  nephritis braclet with 13 stones and have a tattoo with number 13 which is written in ancient Maya language.

From my casino experience and watching live events, I have seen a lot of players with their lucky things on the table, so of which are realy cool and fun. People believe in wearing lucky jersey or a hat, glasses or pair of shoes and I think it's part of our personality and helps us spend less time describing what can't be described by our brains.

What do you think? Do you have anything lucky?

Best regards,



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And what about lucky clothes? Maybe underwear)))

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