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LeadRboards Booster at RIO Poker: prizes for all participants

Rio Poker 2020

Daily leaderboards at Run It Once Poker come back. From 14th to 20th September, seven leaderboards will be held (6 daily and 1 weekly) depending on the limit you play. Traditionally, three best players will be awarded cash prizes, but the other players will also get gifts.

Basic details of promotion

Daily leaderboards
GameLimitPrize for the 1st placePrize for the 2nd placePrize for the 3rd place
Weekly leaderboard
GameLimitPrize for the 1st placePrize for the 2nd place
Prize for the 3rd place
PLO€200 +€1250€600€300

If you failed to enter top three, don't worry. RIO Poker added an additional LeadRboard booster! The players will get an additional cash prize based on their weekly points in the leaderboard. The more points you earn, the higher the reward is! The full information about point targets and rewards can be seen below.

RIO Poker 2020

How to earn points in the leaderboard

The players will get 1 point for every €1 of rake paid. For example, if you pay €150 in rake, you will get 150 points for participation in the leaderboard.

You can see your leaderboard position in RIO Poker lobby. Your nickname will be written, and the nicknames of other participants will be displayed as *****.

How to calculate Booster rewards

Booster rewards are based on the total leaderboard points earned during the week. The players can get only one of the guaranteed rewards. The amount of reward will depend on the biggest number of points scored by the player.

For example, if the player scored 4.50 points at NL4, 34.60 points at NL10 and 74.90 points at PLO10, the total number of points per week would be 114. As a result, the player will obtain €25 as a reward.

Date of leaderboard and bonus prizes

Leaderboards start on 14th September at 00:00 (UTC) and they will last until 20th September 23:59 (UTC). The players will get bonus prizes within 72 hours after the end of the promotional week. The given promotion applies only to 6-max cash tables.

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