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JJ is a new hand in Slang of Texas Hold'em. Part 4.

Hi, guys!

The first three parts can be viewed here: AA, KK, QQ

Let's see what interesting things JJ's hand will bring us.

1. Fishhooks

J looks like a hook. Some regulars are happy to make a Push with JJ against fish.

2. Brothers

J J are like brothers. They are two similar looking males.

3. Jar Jars

Jar Jar Binks is a character in Star Wars. He is one of the most hated Star Wars characters, just as JJ is for many experienced poker players.

4. Jaybirds

The nickname is given by the first letter in the word Jaybird.

5. Kid Dy-no-mite

It's my favoritу nickname because it's origin is very interested.

In 70s, there was TV Series "Good Times". Good Times have a character who was called James "J.J." Evans Jr. J.J. constantly shouted this phrase in the TV Series. Dy-no-mite is a is from dynamite and means good, great (slang).

Instead of photos, I'll show you a video with J. J.

6. Bowers

This nickname came from the card game Euchre, where jacks are the highest trumps and are called Bowers.

7. Knaves Aplenty

Knave is also Jack.

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