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Igor Kurganov eliminated Liv Boeree from the WSOP Main Event

Liv Boeree 2019​The World Series of Poker has launched the most important tournament - $10 000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event. Day 1a collected 1 330 registrations and there is a couple of game days ahead of players.

A lot of eminent poker professionals took part in the first starting day of the Event. Famous poker couple Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov also came to play the tournament and hit the same game table. Another pro Dan Smith was playing at the same table with them as well. The girl reported on it via her Twitter page:

Love is love, but they apparently put poker in the first place since in one of the hands Igor knocked Liv out of the competition.

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That's how it was:

Brian Altman raised to 1 000 from the middle position. Having a short stack, Boeree 3-bet all-in for 2 400 from the cutoff. Then Kurganov (who was in the big blind) raised to 5 000. This action made Altman send his cards into the muck. There were only Igor (K♣K♠) and Liv (A♥J♥) left in the hand. Due to the 8♠8♥Q♥ flop, the girl hit a flush draw:

«Come on», Liv said with a smile.

«Let me do it. I'll never get the chance ever again», Kurganov replied.

And fate let it happen ... since neither the turn (2 ♦) nor the river (4 ♠) brought her the desired outs (an ace or any card of hearts). Having shrugged, Boeree went round the poker table, hugged her boyfriend and left the WSOP Main Event 2019.

Igor Kurganov 2019

Igor continued the game. According to the latest data, his stack is now equal to 129 100 chips and Bryan Campanello is a current chip leader. There are 417 500 chips in his stack.

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