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I try 2 play a lot, it's not easy...

Wazzup?) Today I was late with the publication of the post, I had 2 play for quite a long time) I had 2 make up for missed games, I have accumulated a lot of them 😐 My marathon is becoming more and more difficult for me, I can't even imagine how diligent professional poker players can be. I play 9 tables at the same time, for 10 hours, and I get very tired, maybe even gradually lose motivation( Apparently I was really not ready for this...

Of course, I will continue 2 play these games, no matter how hard it is for me, I need this habit, I want 2 play more. I need 2 hone my game skills) With more play, it will be easier to master) Let me show U how much I played today:

I started the game on 6 tables) I wanted to raise my bankroll a little so that I could play safely, some things worked out and some didn't, there were final tables, but I often left the game one of the first, while receiving minimal prize money. It is very difficult to calmly relate 2 this, I fall into a little tilt 😬 I have 2 radically change the strategy of the game, from loose to more aggressive, sometimes it helps, in the end the game goes 2 the number and the right decisions win more often in the end 👍

I'll add some screenshots of the hands to my post) I will choose the most significant ones, because in such a long game, there are a lot of interesting hands)

I'll start with a more profitable one 😎

Now the most unprofitable hand 😐

And in the end the most fun 😜 lol

In general, the marathon is difficult for me, I did not think that it would be so difficult, and at once, I almost do not have enough time. I do not even know how much I will be enough, maybe I will overcome these difficulties, and maybe not... But I won't despair too soon) I hope everything gets better! 😎

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