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I finished the cash game before I started)

Yesterday I finally finished myself in terms of tilt, 1st I lost 7 times in a row in the satellites of the shout-out format, and then I started playing cash games at 4 tables at once. I only played 300 hands and lost 5 buy-ins, which is 10 bucks! Terrible, it was half of my bankroll, of course all because of the tilt, I felt very bad, I cursed the idea of a cash game, apparently my place is to sit in a tournament and wait 10+ hours for a good hand, and then leave the tournament with this hand on the pre-final table 😜 lol

Perhaps this is a bad start, my attempts to play at the cash tables have ended) Yes, I knew that in cash games, players earn money! I thinking that it is much easier to pay buy-in in the tournament and hope for 1st place and prize money of 100 or 200 buy-ins 😎 in cash games, everything is more difficult, U need to study the theory and choose tables with weaker players, of course I did not do this. For which I paid with money, very bad on my part...

Here are the most terrible hands, playing with them was... I do not know, I can't even think of a name for this bad game 😒 also I stuffed the results of my attempt to play the cash game, in general, everything is bad, look:And so, I decided not to suffer any more and I will not continue to play this game that I don't understand) Yes, U can call me a weakling, but I really, for some reason, I didn't want, apparently doubted, OMG, Fck! I was not quite ready for this, as well as for the marathon((( I'm such a loser or lazy dude... Or maybe I'm just tired of my own idleness? 😐 Okay, today I only played a week's freeroll on PokerStars, I used the ticket that fell out of the chest, and I won a little in this freeroll, and it probably won't be interesting to describe, so I'll show U a small collage of highlights) So enjoy watching, and all the best, see U later! 😎

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Nice post bro!

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