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How to play QQ near bubble?

In the photo of this post, you can see a standard exemple how the hands are looks like near bubble. I hit so many coolers in that stage of the tournament and, i think, when i loose's only a personal problem,because i can avoid them if it's really important being paid ( ITM ).

Let's start saying how i played this hand. I have one player on my right that he is noticed by me as "green" that means it's a tight player. What he did? Just called the open from "pietblank". Normally, and stardard with QQ i should reraise here ( what i am doing 90%  of the time), but this time i just flat it! Flop : QK7 rainbow! Wow, i have a set,which its better that calling a shove preflop with QQ.... Of corse that pietblank (as a short stack) shoved on the flop ( which was a really bad mistake), and eifel just called. Normally with KK(or set kings also), this player would reraise shove, but this time he just call. I intended to shove, but the pot was to small, so i decided to 3-bet 3x his call. He calls. Turn opens a flush draw, which it's the best place to shove on it! He calls. BIG POT and ....i took it down.I've won the 12th place calling to a flip, but,yeah better than bubble.

So, the ideea is that QQ are playing really bad in bubble (or near it). If someone shove to you....depends if you calling or not, it's a flip coin or must to think about it. But someone when open ( and open big means its prepaired for a call most of the time) , the best action you can make ( if his stack is same like yours or bigger) it's to call: after all you will gain more info seeing the flop, right?

I played a huge mtt that i lost near bubble only because i didn't make this move and forced the other one to call his last 3-4blinds ( all of us were shortstack....yeah, thats happening everytime in big GTD and BUYIN tournaments). The other one had QKs. Board was like this  Axx turn T...rvr J.... Remaning in 2 blinds... no chanses with 2 places untill ITM...

I want to continue with my deepest run on Natural8. Probably you know this kind of mtts ( you should make a mission daily 7 days a week for 10.000 starting stack ( 6days 4.000 or 5days only 2000).

I was 4th in chips (~800k chips) before leaving the tournament. From the middle someone opened with AJo , what i did ? Reraise shove....after a while the chinese player called (favoured in chips 3:1), He probably hits something that i was out. The board is not any more important in this kind of hands. The result is more important, because we don't play for fun, right? We play for money and the best result!

But in all situations, our stack is the most important think that we must care about. These examples works when we have more than average stack in that point.

PS: After solving this leak, today i can say that i am proud of it. QQ in the last 3players (folded on the flop).

PS: Hope you learned something from my mistakes. GL at the tables!

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Cool, GL!

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