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How to play on RedStar from mobile devices

RedStar mobile version

Have you already tried a wonderful poker room RedStar? In one of the previous articles, we told you how to download and install this poker room on PC. However, many of you may have wondered – «How to play at RedStar using a mobile device?». The answer to this and other questions you can find in today's article.

How to download RedStar for a mobile device?

It’s not possible to download apk RedStar for mobile devices. After the room moved to the MicroGaming network, the ability to play on mobile devices through applications disappeared. So you will not find RedStar mobile version on the Internet.

What should mobile device users do?

As we wrote above, you cannot download RedStar poker on Android, as well as on iPhone or Windows phone. However, there is still a possibility to play on RedStar using mobile devices.

How to play on RedStar from your phone?

In order to play in the poker room using a mobile phone you need to do the following:

1. Go to in your mobile browser


2. Enter your login and password

RedStar registration

3. Scroll down the page till the «Mobile and Web» section and tap on the image

RedStar mobile app

4. Scroll the new page down and click on the active inscription «Just click here»

RedStar mobile version

5. On the new page, click on «Launch Red Star Poker» button

RedStar mobile app

6. Play on RedStar via mobile phone

RedStar on smartphone

What if I've found RedStar mobile app on the Internet

If you’ve found the redstar apk file for Android or other mobile platforms - do not download it. This is either an outdated version of the program that is currently not working, or it is a virus that can harm your phone.

If you wanted to play on RedStar using your mobile device, then we just told you a great way to do it.

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