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Holdem Manager VS Hand2Note

Hello everybody!

Recently I watched the training, I will not say whose it is, and it is not very important, I learned from there that there is a full second program for collecting poker statistics.

Used HM before.

I knew about Hand2Note, but my hands did not reach to see what it was.

The training was even said that it is completely free. It was long time ago I think ...

So I decided to try the trial version.

If anyone has anything to say about comparing these two programs - tell me. I will share my observations)))

For now I can compare just two things.

  1. Maximum price
  2. Language

For second point I can say that Han2Note better for russian players. It's good point. But too small for buying.

About price... For Hand2Note jast 50 $ for everything what the program have... But... For only month! And you have to pay yearly!!! It's cheat!

For HM it's easily! You pay for year. But that have a lot of  functions which you have to pay ceparately for...

It's cheat too!)))

 Forgot to say.

From my new learning I decided to add couple new parametrs in my HUD:

  • AF - agressive factor
  • WTSD% - wait to showdown
  • W%SD - win to showdown

Thank you for reading!

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AntonDanza user
User's aura AntonDanza 185

У меня вопрос не по теме, почему когда каждый раз я захожу на сайт, надо заходить в свой аккаунт по новой! Запарило уже.. 

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maomax1223 user
User's aura maomax1223 1662

I have no idea...

Nemoruso17 user
User's aura Nemoruso17 1825

Для безопасности это сделано ;)  

maomax1223 user
User's aura maomax1223 1662

Too much I think)))

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