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Hitting magic flops

The trouble with cashing out, and to go a step further, cashing out too early is that it can leave your remaining bankroll vulnerable and also damage your profits.  If you've been winning comfortably at a certain level of the cash games and suddenly have a dimished bankroll due to cashing out, in the gambler's mind it's can almost feel like you've 'lost' that hard earned money and so lose a little confidence.  My advice is to sit tighter, watch your opponents carefully, and grind slowly back to a respectable level, before resuming with normal winning strategy play.

Have I been over estimating my opponents or trying too hard?

After a while, you begin to forget the rules you've been learning, at least I do, and so I've had to return to the strategy concepts many times just to try to remind myself of the correct approach to pre flop strategy in both tight games and loose games.  I've also gone back to reading No Limit Theory & Practice for the same reason.  I hope that if I keep doing this, just like learning the chords on a guitar for instance, eventually it will be ingrained in my memory!  Still, the extra effort is worth it, and actually gives you something to do while waiting for a decent hand, otherwise you could get bored and complacent sitting tight.  (However, I've already discussed how to combat this as well is my earlier posts, if you read Zen ad the Art of Poker).

So I've been following my own advice, sitting tight, re reading strategy and carefully watching what my opponents do.  It's interesting to see how basic and predictably they play!  Of course not all of them do, but when you arrive at a table of these open books it can be easy to make money.  After recently cashing out, I ground back $8 this morning to begin to build the bankroll again.


I will share with you some pre flop strategy concept, playing from the blind positions in loose games, the final part from Small Stakes Hold'em Sklansky & Malmuth, but first I'd like to share with you one garbage hand I had this morning 3 ♣️ 2 ♣️ which I decided to call from the small blind as it was only one small bet to go and I also was following the pre flop strategy.  There were four other players in.  Amazingly, the flop came 4 💎 6 💎  5 ♥️ 

I bet threequarters the pot on the flop and got two callers with a flush draw out there.  The next card was a 9 ♠️  I risked another bet and got one caller this time.  The river came the A ♥️ I bet again here and the player folded.  Should I have check raised here hoping he would bluff the pot on a missed flush draw or even a set?  Probably and I regretted betting into him for a third time and may have missed a bet or two.  Back to the books!

Playing from the blind positions in loose games

Small blind

If there is no raise

Play: Any pocket pair, AKs - A2s, KQs - K9s, QJs - Q9s, JTs - J9s, T9s - 98s, AK - AT, and KQ - KJ, K8s - K2s, Q8s, J8s, J7s, 87s - 43s, T8s - 53s, and any two offsuit cards ten or higher.

Raise: AA - 99, AKs - ATs, KQs - KJs, and AK - AQ

Against a raise:

Play: Any pocket pair, AKs - ATs, KQs - KTs, and AK - AQ

Reraise: AA - TT, AKs - AJs, KQs and AK


Big blind

If there is no raise

Raise: AA - 99, AKs - ATs, KQs - KJs, and AK - AQ

Against a raise

Play: Same hands that you would play from late position for one bet, such as any pocket pair, any two suited cards tens or higher, any suited ace (A9 - A2), and T9s - 76s, AK, AQ, except remove the weak offsuit hands AT, KJ - KT

Reraise: AA - 1010, AKs - AJs, KQs and AK


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I have been playing poker for about 15 years. I play online currently and I've played poker in casinos, card rooms, local games and with friends. I play NL hold'em tournaments and cash games and can also play Pot Limit Omaha, a game I also love.
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It's hard to increase your bankroll when you have to cash out.

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I think betting on the river with a straight is not that bad in this situation.

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