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Hit 'n run play

Hello Cardmates,

It has been a minute, since my last post. I have been busy trying to balance between work and business, playing some poker when have a free hour or before going to bed. I mainly played cash NL5 at pokerstars and this one issue is just driving me nuts - hit 'n run players.

I assume it is now a default move to get of the table, once your stack is doubled, but this I belive makes a very negative effect on the game and I just can't say, that I am playing poker anymore. It is some kind of other game, where you just sit there, waiting for cards and as soon as you hit it, you run to the next table.

Finding table makes it difficult, because many players use table finders, which I find abusive and at other games is considered as cheating, along with using HUDs and other helping software. So you spent time to find a table, I in particular look for tables with out any CIS players, because they are more likely to use help from solvers and other stuff duiring the game. As soon as you find a matching table, you get to play against those players not more than few rounds and it becomes somethig close to Zoom.

To my opinion poker is a lot more, than just hitting your sets and running to do so on another table. At live poker games noone will ever allow you to do so. I can't imagine doing so, even if you manage to get this through, I doubt you get invited to the game again.

There are rules, that are written and the rules, that can be called as "code of honor", this makes the game and the atmosphere playable, I believe. As a poker player, I want more people to play poker, but when I see this hit 'n run play at every single table done by majority of players, no matter of their skill level - I want to quit this myself.

The only thing, that comes to my mind is making a separate color tag for hit n runners and write thier f@$%ing names somewhere, so that everyone can throw eggs at them.

Lemmy kno whachu think,


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Julianna user
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good to see u back)

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SanSan1Time user
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me too

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