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Great desire to get a royal flush.


I will start today not standard. After I failed and lost in the forecast, I made a forecast for 3 events and you know, they all won.

Results for yesterday.

Tampa Bay Lightning - Dallas Stars 3:2 (WIN)

AC Milan - Bologna 2:0 (WIN)

Wolves - Manchester City 1:3 (WIN)

AC Milan have a great forward, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (38 years old) and in great shape. He scored two goals yesterday (one from the penalty spot).


I won't say that I have a strong starting hand. But when I saw the flop, I wanted to get royal flush. I paid the flop and turn bets, and when the river brought me a straight, my opponent was able to draw another 45 cents from me. 

When there are cards for flush and full house on the table, I simply had no right to pay him. This is Omaha.

Thanks for taking the time to my blog.

Good luck everyone and win.

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if you not want further to post nicknames from ggpoker , its a button up which show for photos only the position at the table. GL ;)

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