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Good exercise for fighting tilt when you get bad beat often

Hi, Guys!

One good exercise occurred to me when I lost with 75% odds to win.

When you think that you always lose All-in against with the best hand on pre-flop, flop, turn you just should open your HM or something else and look next report:

Just set next settings 

AllInOnTurnOrEarlier = true and EvEquityPercent >= 50.00

Select all hands! You should see the next graph:

As you can see I win a lot of hands when having 50% or more to win and go All-in on any streets from pre-flop to turn.

If you lost when you had more odds then your opponent, just don't worry, forget, and go further!

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Vetal user
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forget, and go further!

agree with you.

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