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GGSOP at GGPoker: 54 tournaments with a total guarantee of $6 500 000


From September 12-27, GGPoker will hold Good Game Series of Poker with $6 500 000 guarantee and additional $100 000 leaderboard. The GG Network carries out major tournament series in its poker rooms (GGPoker, Natural8, GGpokerok) almost nonstop.

Some days ago, the events of the biggest WSOP Online 2020 series finished, in which many poker players earned huge prize money and champion bracelets.

Representatives of the largest Asian poker network decided to keep the momentum going and launched another series of poker tournaments called the GSOP (Good Game Poker Series). It will be held since 12 September .

You will find all the details about GGSOP at GGPoker in this material. If you have any questions concerning the series or registration in GGPoker, write them in the comments or write to us in online chat.

GGSOP 2020 schedule at GGPoker

As part of GGSOP, 54 tournaments will be held with a total guarantee of $6 500 000 from September 12-27. It means that the players will have two weeks of active play in the tournaments of different formats and buy-ins. The participation fee in the events of series ranges from $2.50 to $50.

Key events of the GGSOP 2020 at GGPoker:

  • $11.11 Every 1 for Covid charity tournament with $50 000 GTD;
  • $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Opener] with a $100 000 guaranteed prize pool;
  • MILLIONAIRE MAKER Jr worth $15 with $150 000 GTD (the champion will receive no less than $25 000);
  • MICRO PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP with a $2.50 buy-in and a $10 000 guarantee (the champion will get a ticket to the $10 000 Super Millions)
  • $5 Mini Main Event with a $20 000 guarantee;
  • No Limit Hold em Main Event worth $50 with a $250K guaranteed prize pool;
  • BIG 5 with a small buy-in of $5, but with a big guarantee of $100 000:
  • $100 GSOP Millions with a $2 000 000 GTD.

Full schedule of GGSOP 2020 at GGPoker:

DataTime (UTC)TournamentBuy-inGuarantee
12.09.202016:00GGSOP#1 $11.11 Every 1 for Covid Relief$11,11$50 000
12.09.202017:00GGSOP#2 $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Opener], $100K GTD$25$100 000
12.09.202018:30GGSOP#3 $10 The Opener [Final Day], $100K GTD$10$100 000
12.09.202020:00GGSOP#4 $5.25 Super Turbo Bounty No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed$5,25$15 000
13.09.202012:00GGSOP#5 $6 Monster Stack No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed [Asia]$6$10 000
13.09.202017:00GGSOP#6 $150 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$150$500 000
13.09.202018:00GGSOP#7 $15 FIFTY STACK No Limit Hold'em$15$50 000
13.09.202019:00GGSOP#8 $50 Pot Limit Omaha Championship$50$25 000
14.09.202017:00GGSOP#9 $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25$50 000
14.09.202019:00GGSOP#10 $10.50 Bounty Pot Limit Omaha$10,5$5 000
14.09.202020:00GGSOP#11 $25 No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed$25$25 000
15.09.202017:00GGSOP#12 $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25$50 000
15.09.202018:00GGSOP#13 $40 COLOSSUS$40$100 000
15.09.202019:00GGSOP#14 $40 PLOSSUS$40$25 000
15.09.202020:00GGSOP#15 $8.40 Bounty No Limit Hold'em$8,4$20 000
16.09.202012:00GGSOP#16 $15 No Limit Hold'em [Asia]$15$15 000
16.09.202017:00GGSOP#17 $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25$50 000
16.09.202020:00GGSOP#18 $5 Turbo Deepstack No Limit Hold'em$5$5 000
17.09.202017:00GGSOP#19 $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25$50 000
17.09.202018:00GGSOP#20 $52.50 No Limit Hold'em Bounty Championship$52,5$75 000
17.09.202020:00GGSOP#21 $10 No Limit Hold'em$10$10 000
18.09.202017:00GGSOP#22 $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25$50 000
18.09.202018:00GGSOP#23 $25 Double Stack No Limit Hold'em$25$25 000
18.09.202020:00GGSOP#24 $5.25 Bounty No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed$5,25$5 000
19.09.202012:00GGSOP#25 $5 Deepstack No Limit Hold'em [Asia]$5$10 000
19.09.202017:00GGSOP#26 $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition], $100K GTD$25$100 000
19.09.202018:00GGSOP#27 $5 Mini Main Event5$$20 000
19.09.202018:30GGSOP#28 $15 MILLIONAIRE MAKER Jr [Final Day], $150K GTD, $25K to 1st$15$150 000
20.09.202012:00GGSOP#29 HK$388 No Limit Hold'em Asia Championship$388HK$400 000HK
20.09.202017:00GGSOP#30 $150 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$150$500 000
20.09.202018:00GGSOP#31 $50 No Limit Hold'em Deepstack Championship$50$150 000
21.09.202012:00GGSOP#32 $5 Deepstack No Limit Hold'em [Asia]$5$10 000
21.09.202017:00GGSOP#33 $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25$50 000
21.09.202020:00GGSOP#34 $8.40 Turbo Bounty No Limit Hold'em$8,4$15 000
22.09.202017:00GGSOP#35 $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25$50 000
22.09.202018:00GGSOP#36 $50 No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed Championship$50$50 000
22.09.202019:00GGSOP#37 $8 Pot Limit Omaha$8$5 000
23.09.202012:00GGSOP#38 $15 Marathon No Limit Hold'em [Asia]$15$15 000
23.09.202017:00GGSOP#39 $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25$50 000
23.09.202018:00GGSOP#40 $10 No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed$10$10 000
24.09.202017:00GGSOP#41 $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25$50 000
24.09.202018:00GGSOP#42 $2.50 MICRO PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP$2,5$0
24.09.202020:00GGSOP#43 $4 FORTY STACK No Limit Hold'em$4$10 000
25.09.202016:00GGSOP#44 $15 Pot Limit Omaha$15$10 000
25.09.202017:00GGSOP#45 $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25$50 000
25.09.202020:00GGSOP#46 $10 Turbo No Limit Hold'em 8-Handed$10$10 000
26.09.202012:00GGSOP#47 $3 Double Stack No Limit Hold'em [Asia]$3$10 000
26.09.202017:00GGSOP#48 $25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition], $100K GTD$25$100 000
26.09.202018:00GGSOP#49 $50 No Limit Hold'em Main Event, $250K GTD$50$250 000
26.09.202018:30GGSOP#50 BIG 5 [Final Day], $100K GTD$5$100 000
27.09.202017:00GGSOP#51 $150 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$150$500 000
27.09.202018:00GGSOP#52 $100 GGSOP Mini Super MILLION$, $500K GTD$100$500 000
27.09.202018:30GGSOP#53 $100 GGSOP MILLION$, $2M GTD [Final Day]$100$2 000 000
27.09.202020:00GGSOP#54 $5 The Closer [LAST CHANCE]$5$20 000

How to find GGSOP tournaments in GGPoker lobby

There is a separate tab for GGSOP in GGPoker tournament lobby with the corresponding name. Open "Tournaments" tab and select "GGSOP" in the top menu. You will see a list of all GGSOP tournaments and satellites to them.

Tournaments GGSOP at GGPoker

If you want the other important GGPoker events to be out of the way of review, uncheck the box "Always show selected events" in the menu on the right and make sure that only GGSOP series is selected in the top menu.

To see the satellites for GGSOP in the list, check the box next to "Show Satellites" in the menu on the right.

How to find satellites for GGSOP

If you want to save money on buy-in and qualify for GGSOP via satellites, you need to select the tournament you want to play in the list and click on it. The number of available satellites for the tournament (if any) will appear on the right in the menu under the event description.

Satellites GGSOP

Click on them and you will see a full list of satellites for GGSOP tournament you have selected. In the same window, you can register in the qualifying tournament for GGSOP.

GGSOP satellites list

$100 000 GGSOP Leaderboard

In addition to the tournaments with various formats and structures, a special leaderboard of series will also start on 12 September. As part of it, top 100 best players of GGSOP series will share $100 000 of prize money among themselves..

Top 100 best players of series will be determined on the basis of results of points scored by the players in Good Game Series of Poker tournaments. The points will be awarded to players according to the following formula:

f * square root with (prize fund/k),

k is the place taken by the player in the tournament, and f is the coefficient, the size of which depends on the player's result and it is 2.0 for the 1st place, 1.5 – for reaching the final table, 1.0 – for getting into ITM zone, 0.5 – for bubble.

So if you still don't have a GGPoker account, now is a great time to sign up at GGPoker and start playing!

When GGSOP series will be held in GG Network?

GGSOP (Good Game Series of Poker) series will take place in the poker rooms of GG Network from September 12-27, 2020. 54 events with a total guarantee of $6.5 million will be held as part of this series.

Are the satellites for GGSOP tournaments available?

Yes, GGPoker holds daily GGSOP satellites with the buy-ins starting from $2.50. Please note that not all GGSOP events have satellites. How to find qualifying tournaments for a particular GGSOP event? Read this information above in the text.

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