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GambleTalk Bloggers Challenge updated version in February: new terms and conditions

Hello, everyone! We have already spent nine successful seasons here (the results of January season can be found here) and handed out impressive prize money to various bloggers. Thank you for the high quality content and for sharing your thoughts, winnings and ideas with us.

Now we are temporarily suspending the competition in the form in which it took place all this time. However, this does not mean that everything is over.

The best bloggers will receive prizes, it's just that the conditions are different now.

Here's the main things you need to know:

  • the ability to write your blogs remains;
  • at the end of the month, the Cardmates editors reward the best bloggers with tickets to tournaments of partner poker rooms;
  • the ratings of the blogs remain, but starting from February it will indicate only the evaluation of the publication and will not affect the prizes in any way;
  • there are no requirements for the number of publications per month (but no more than 1 publication per day).

In general, everything remains as it was, only instead of money we will reward the best authors with tickets and this will be determined by the Cardmates editors.

From 1 February, the editorial staff of Cardmates will judge the competition. We will take into account only your author's talent, presentation style and usefulness of the content, your success and results, and of course the audience's feedback. Since February, the aura and date of account creation on Cardmates does not have the same effect as before. Even a beginner can win the competition and get the tickets as a prize.

The quality of the content you create will be decisive. Keep a poker player's diary, start poker marathons, post analytical/educational material, your reports or just interesting stories from the world of gambling – and we will reward you with tournament tickets to play in our partner poker rooms.

How to participate in the GambleTalk Bloggers Challenge

It's very simple – start (or keep on) your blog on Cardmates in the GambleTalk section and keep it as interesting as possible. We do not limit you in the format of presentation and the choice of a single topic, the main thing is that the blog should be in one way or another connected with gambling. After all, GambleTalk is not only about poker.

There are two main rules that you need to remember to successfully publish your post.

  1. The uniqueness of the post before publication must be at least 80% (determined automatically)
  2. The minimum number of characters in a blog post before publication must be at least 500.

Also pay your attention to the quality of post design. Blog posts should be unique, interesting and about gambling – these are basically 3 basic requirements.

We look forward to your blogs and may the strongest win our prizes!

P.S. If you have any questions/remarks/comments/requests, please write to me in private messages. I will gladly answer everyone!

Estimate material:
- excellent material
- good material
- not bad material
- bad material
- horrible material
Cardmates journalist, news editor and translator since 2015. Specialization: poker news, review of events, strategies, SEO. Editor-in-chief of the English version of Cardmates.
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Comments (5)
Vetal user
User's aura Vetal 1981

See you in February. Good luck.

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User's aura GER4SOUL 336

Can you tell us more infos? For example....Germany have locked most of the poker rooms....

2 replies
Julianna user
User's aura Julianna 518

One of the poker rooms that will issue tickets for the tournaments will be GGPoker. According to our information, it accepts players from Germany.

User's aura GER4SOUL 336

This one is great! Super! Thanks! 

RoyalArti user
User's aura RoyalArti 29

Nice. )))

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