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from January 1 to February 1 2021

Bloggers challenge

Prize pool:
10 best authors will receive cash rewards from $20 to $500 – not with bonuses or tickets, but with good old cash, only to an e-wallet.


Hello, dear reader! Do you like hanging out on Cardmates, reading about poker and news from the world of gambling? Do you want to earn some money? Let's say $500. That is how much the winner of the GambleTalk blogging challenge will receive.

To do this, you just need to start or continue to write your own blog on Cardmates and share stories, opinions, stories, observations, memes or videos.

GambleTalk is more than just poker. Here you can write about everything related to gambling: poker, slots, roulette, sports betting, bingo, lottery.

We do not limit you in terms of themes and genre. You are free to write what you wish: a culinary blog from a poker player, a rating of best slots from a housewife, naughty stories from a casino cleaner. Write on everything related to the game that will be interesting to people in this sphere.

How to participate in the competition?

In 2019, we created the GambleTalk section on russian version and held successful contests in which we raffled a lot of money among creative blogs. Now we will launch GambleTalk here and start it with a contest on $1000. You will determine the winners!

To participate in the Cardmates Bloggers Challenge:

Sign up at Cardmates and start a blog at GambleTalk
Or keep blogging if you're already with us
Publish interesting posts on your blog
Write unique, interesting and related content
Get points from other users and increase the rating of your blog
The higher the aura, the more points you can get

That's basically it. 10 best authors will receive cash rewards from $20 to $500 – not with bonuses or tickets, but with good old cash, only to an e-wallet.

Prize pool
Prize places
First place
Second place
Third place
4 place - $50
5 place - $50
6 place - $20
7 place - $20
8 place - $20
9 place - $20
10 place - $20

How are the winners determined?

The winners of the contest are determined by the readers of the site, who read posts and rate them. Therefore, it all depends on you and the reaction of the poker community to your blog.

You can monitor the current rating of blogs on the site. Only the blog rating earned from January 1 to February 1 2021 is counted in a competition. The user's aura is not taken into account in the competition, but it makes it possible to give and receive a different number of points.

Upgrade your aura with blogs, comments, forum topics, and other Cardmates activity. But do not forget that other readers and writers of the site evaluate you, so your aura can either go up from high-quality content, interesting stories and witty jokes, or go into a deep minus due to spam, rudeness and stolen stories.

How aura works on Cardmates

Detailed challenge rules

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