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Full Tilt Freerolls schedule

Full Tilt Freerolls are free tournaments and satellites to them, which you can find in the Full Tilt poker room. Despite the fact that the online room has united with PokerStars and now you can enter it using the Stars ID – this does not mean that there are more free games there. At Full Tilt Poker, freerolls are more of an exception to the rule, as they are extremely rare.

How to find Full Tilt freerolls schedule

Free games in the poker room are in the tab "Tournaments" – "Regular" and there you need to choose in the buy-in column “Freerolls”. A wider selection of games is in the lobby "All games" – "Tournaments", where you also choose in the buy-in column "Freeroll".

How to enter the freeroll

To play in a free tournament on Full Tilt – select it in the list and click the "Play" button. After that, you will be registered in the freeroll or you will be informed why you cannot play it. The tournament may be unavailable due to non-fulfillment of necessary conditions, lack of a ticket for it or not specifying the correct password.

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Most Full Tilt freerolls run monthly or during certain promotions. There are no daily and weekly free games in the poker room.

Access to Full Tilt freerolls

Freerolls in Full Tilt are:

  • completely free, without additional conditions;
  • by ticket;
  • with passwords;
  • those that require the fulfillment of certain conditions (most often also by ticket).

Also certain tournaments on Full Tilt can be played for free by earning tournament money and tickets at various promotions at the poker room. Some of these ticket events are considered freerolls with limited access, others are tournaments with buy-ins, in which anyone can play, having paid for it from their own balance.

Tickets and tournament money are in the “My Stars” section.

How to get passwords and tickets for Freeroll Full Tilt Poker

Tickets are given in poker room promotions and in the Stars Rewards system. At the moment, promo with gift tickets in the room is not observed.

Full Tilt freerolls with passwords require an indication of the code, which is reported in the social networks of the poker room or its partners, and can also be named individually by request from the company that holds the tournament.

The current schedule of Full Tilt freerolls and tournament passwords can be found on this page. You can win cash prizes, tickets, tournament money, bonuses and prizes from the poker room.