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Cardmates exclusive freeroll schedules

Cardmates freerolls are free tournaments in the most popular poker rooms where a lot of money can be won. Most often, the prize pool at Cardmates freeroll is about $100, but this is already a good addition to your bankroll. These tournaments are exclusive and have a minimum number of participants, which increases your chances of success.

PokerMatch hosts an exclusive Cardmates freeroll every Saturday. The prize pool is 1 000 UAH (about $40) and it is available only to those players who have registered at PokerMatch with Cardmates link.

This type of freeroll also takes place at PokerDom. It starts every Thursday at 8 PM GMT and the prize pool in it is 5 000 rubles (about $80).

Other freerolls from other sites can be found on our list of the best freerolls.

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