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Free SCOOP 2020 tickets

Hey mates,

Today I managed to win a 22$ Scoop ticket watching OP Poker twitch channel. I finished 3rd in marbles game, if you don't know what is marbles here is video, that will show you:

It's a very cool way to do giveaways which is highly enjoyed by twitch viewers.

Also there are many streamers, that now host home games with 0.11$ buy-in turbo tourneys, where you get tickets to SCOOP as a prize. I know for sure, that EasyWithAces, GJReggie, OP_Poker has this offer and I already played a few. James Mackenzie has a very cool twitter giveaway for SCOOP Fusion event next friday, all you have to do is answer the question correctly and retweet.

I played a few fusion tourneys the day it came out and I answered 76o, which now I feel like a wrong answer, lol.

What do you think?

Hope my post will help you get a ticket to SCOOP and best of luck,


P.S. The post about poker stories from Joe and James didn't hit you guys, so there will be no part two.

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Julianna user
User's aura Julianna 552

congrats with winning a ticket) hope it will bring you profit!

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SanSan1Time user
User's aura SanSan1Time 1138

Many thanks, hope so too.

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