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First Indian streamer for PokerStars

Sharad Rao 2019

Six years ago, young Sharad Rao left college in order to develop in poker. Over the years, this decision has borne fruit and PokerStars appreciated his abilities. Recently PokerStars has signed a contract with him and Sharad became the third Indian poker player in a RedPeak team.

In 2017, the Indian regular player Aditya Agarwal joined the team, and Muskan Sethi made the same in a year.

Muskan Sethi 2019

Sharad has been playing poker on a professional basis during three years and even the local newspaper wrote about him. Rao won over $400.000 in his entire career, and this year he played at PSPC after winning Platinum Pass.

Sharad will stream his game at the Indian Channel of PokerStars which was presented specifically for him. Rao has already held some streams, but now they collect no more than 40 viewers.

According to the words of poker player, his profession isn’t evaluated in India and people have misperceptions concerning it. Rao plans to develop twitch channel and attract the newbies.

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