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"Fantasy" in Chinese poker.

                Greetings to all!!!

   Today I want to talk to you about "fantasy" in Chinese poker.

   To get a "fantasy" in PineApple, we need to collect a pair from QQ-KK-AA-222 + in the uppermost box and not collect a "dead hand" and not "break". Fantasy is common and progressive. With ordinary fantasy, the player receives 14 cards at once, 13 of which he uses to make combinations in three boxes, and one discards. With "progressive fantasy", the player can be dealt from 14 to 17 cards, depending on the strength of the combination in the top box.

    Combination and number of cards:

  • QQ - 14 cards;
  • KK - 15 cards;
  • AA - 16 cards;
  • 222+ - 17 cards.

  It is also possible to repeat "Fantasy". There are two types of "Fantasy" repeat:

  • classical. If a player is in "Fantasy" mode, he can get a one-time repeat of Fantasy when he makes a set in the upper box or from squares in the lower one. His hand should not be "dead".
  • endless. If a player is in "Fantasy" mode, he can get multiple repetitions of Fantasy when he makes a set in the upper box, four of a kind and higher in the lower box. His hand should not be "dead".

   This bonus greatly simplifies the game, since we immediately get all the cards put to us and can make the most profitable combinations. This is what all PineApple players strive for, "fantasy" does not guarantee us 100% victory.

  Today I played about 1 hour in HU in PineApple. There were interesting moments.

   All good mood and good luck in the game!

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Nemoruso17 user
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Good luck!

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Phoenix user
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Thank you too!

Vetal user
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I realized that the main thing in the first game to get "fantasy"

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