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Equilab poker calculator review

Have you ever heard something about the equity calculations or equity calculators? No? At first let’s look at our poker terms dictionary.

If you understand what that means, then let’s get to know Equilab equity calculator.

Equilab is a free program with a comprehensible interface. With its help you can discover the winning probability (i.e. your equity) in Holdem and Omaha with the established parameters: your hand, board, supposed opponent’s range.

You might be interested to know what winning percentage you had with the pocket aces in the certain situations, or when you had the straight-draw.

By using the program regularly you will be able to hone your game skills. You will feel more confident when making the decisions about whether you should make the bet or you would better fold the cards.

Attention! Equilab is intended for the breakdown of the hands which were played after the game session. Also you can practice and learn the equity of the different hands/ ranges. This soft is prohibited for using during the game. The poker-room can ban you for using Equilab during the game.

The program functionality is in one tab. Here you enter the set parameters for the equity calculations.

You can choose the table type according to the seats number – 10-max and 6-max.

In order to select 6-max you should tick the box in the section “short-handed” (6-max) in the tab “View”:

Table selection Equilab

You should indicate the pocket cards for two or more players. You can select both the certain two cards and the hands’ range:

Selection of poket cards Equilab

Select the range

By clicking the game blocks (the button is near two cards) you will select a random range for the player, thus the equity will be calculated for two random cards:

It is not necessarily to indicate the board (flop, turn, river), but the equity will be calculated more correctly if it is stated. You may not indicate the board’s cards at all, or you can indicate the cards up to a certain street (flop or flop + turn), or you can indicate the entire board (up to the river).

You can select the player’s action by clicking the green arrow:

After filling all necessary points you should press the button “Calculate” in order to get the result.

There are several methods for equity calculation:

Enumerate all – it is mathematical-numerical methods.

Monte Carlo – it is a generation of the infinite hands number for the probability estimation.

The players use the first method by default.

However, sometimes during the pressing button “Enumerate” the inscription appears: “It is interrupted! Enumerate all equity is inaccurate. Please, use Monte Carlo”.

In this case you should use the second method “Monte Carlo”:

You can see how a certain hand hits the board, i.e. what chances you have for making one or another combination. In order to do it you should click the diagram icon:

You can also select a certain card’s suit of the player. If two suited cards were dealt on the flop, then you can make the analyses of the player’s cards if his pocket cards are of the same suit. In order to do it you should follow the photo- instruction:

You have an opportunity to practice your equity knowledge. In order to do it you should choose “Settings”/”Equity trainer” in Equilab lobby. You will be offered to guess an equity for the random cards or select the opponent’s cards (Villain) and yours ones (Hero).

If you choose the option “set beforehand”, then you will have to select the situation that will be simulated by the program:

So, if you have selected one of the points in “set beforehand”, then you will be offered a flop and Hero’s cards in a random order and you should approximately calculate the cards’ equity:

It is quite an interesting instrument. Test it by means of your knowledge of the hands’ equity values with a certain flop.

There is another indispensable tool which you will use in order to learn how the turn card or the river one will be able to change your equity that you have at the flop.

In the other words, you will see what card will become dangerous for you and it will force you to make a correct decision – to fold the cards or vice versa – to make a bet/call if the card improves your low equity.

In order to open “decision analyzer” you should select the tab “Settings” in Equilab lobby.

You will see a slider at the picture above, it is circled in red. It is an equity regulator. With its help you should set your equity minimum value which you consider necessary.

We offer you to download the app and install it right now in order to estimate the full power of this instrument that is quite indispensable for the poker newbie.

Become a professional and improve your game with Equilab!