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Deep run in Big $1.10

Good evening guys) Yesterday was a good game, as it should be, I played quite a bit, or rather, only at 3 tables, and I had deeprun everywhere, got into the money) This is how I like 2 play the most, the mood during the game is completely different than U will just exhaust yourself with the number of games played, not paying attention 2 your winrates) Today in my post I would like 2 write about one MTT that I played yesterday, I had high hopes for it, but about everything in order) Let's start! 😎

Regular MTT "Big" for $1.10, with a structure of 10 minutes. It is quite attractive, both in terms of structure and in terms of the number of weak players) heh) Who could write about it, like not me? 😜 So, initially, my strategy was a tight game with aggressive actions, I did not want to stick to cold-call, and at any time I was ready 2 play for the entire stack, and this happened after a while:

I caught nuts in a preflop all-in, and it was cool!) Good start 2 the game) However, I was a little hasty in my conclusions, and in the future I had 2 wait a long time for a good hand, so long... In the MTT, the bubble stage started, and this situation happened to me, I was one step away from losing 😐

So I was lucky and stayed in the game, although all the odds were against me) a little later, my stack again decreased noticeably, and I had 2 play with this hand, in fact I do not know if this was the right decision, I had 2 look it up in the ICM calculator after the game and it showed me that I did not play very well) But I was lucky again! 😎

Apparently, this was my MTT and my day!) I felt the power, and won 3 more hands, which greatly increased my stack) I can't not post them, they are really cool, but with pocket 88, I should have played smarter 😏

After all this, my stack became large 💪, and I could well wait for a good hand 2 play, which is what happened) However, what happened was that I was only waiting for the hand that was me not dealt) And it was a long time again... So long that I was short again and needed 2 do something about it. And I played...😐

WTF, how does this happen? I don't understand 😡 why do these big stacks always win?! I lost with a 4.5% chance of him winning, it's terrible! Why is this the case now!? I was very upset 😩 we corresponded for some time in the game chat, the opponent was clearly lucky and he did not hide it. Very bad loss. In this MTT, I managed to win $4, but I still kept playing remaining two games, and there also deepruns) However, I will write about this in the next post 😎

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Nice post!

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Good luck☘️

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