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Deep run another MTT's, part 2

Today I will write a continuation of my last post, about my game, which eventually brought me about $20. As U remember, in the last post I wrote about the "Big" tournament for $1.10, I deep run in it, but I couldn't win with a very good hand, which was sad. However, my game did not end there and I continued 2 play in two more MTT, and all of them were knockouts)

These were MTT for $1.10 , and I also qualified from the satellite to the knockout for $7.50, which is what I had high hopes for) But let's start with the "Bounty Builder" for $1.10, in was guaranteed 4k bucks, let me remind U that these "Red" MTT are very attractive for the number of weak players, and U can have a good winrate in these MTT) So I started my game in them quite well! Look at this! 😎This is almost at the very beginning of the game, I came across quite interesting guys at the table) they played with strange hands against me, apparently they didn't care and they were in the tilt) Otherwise, it is impossible 2 explain such calls logically) But, I was happy with such situations, and extracted the maximum profit from them, thereby becoming one of the top10 in chipcount 😜

However, as we all remember) With such a large stack, I'm starting 2 make a full crap) Although, in fact, I did not resort 2 a loose game at that moment, and apparently I was not lucky, in pre-flop all-ins((( And also in a post-flop game with too cunning opponents. And I started slowly losing my huge stack...😐Yes, this happens often, I increase the stack too quickly, and then I don't know how 2 play with it ((( I need 2 start learning this, there are so many resources on the Internet, and I'm too lazy 2 look for anything or even start learning theory, apparently, I don't want 2 make money in poker at all((( after a while, my stack became quite small, and I didn't get good hands, in the end, the MTT ended for me in a "classic way", in a cooler! Funny game. Yep! 😐 🎉Thus, I managed to increase my bankroll by $4) Of course, I wanted more, I wanted to get to the final table, but I probably should have thought about it earlier, when I had a normal stack) Okay) Satellite for a knockout for $7.50, it lasted about 2 hours and my strategy of playing in it was pre-flop all-ins, because the turbo structure, and I had 2 make quick decisions, otherwise the growth of the blinds could reduce most of the stack) I ended up winning a ticket 2 the knockout 😎However, in the MTT itself, everything was not so good, of course, I also quickly increased my stack, but in the end I played with it more tight and hesitantly, as if I was playing a regular MTT, but not a knockout) That's why I didn't get all the big bounties((( Today I looked at the history of this knockout MTT and chose the most interesting hands, I think U should like them, but in fact there were more of them, and most of them were played by me, most likely incorrectly... Maybe I'll write about it later 😏Well) a little later, I managed 2 make only one knockout in this MTT, and I got into the prize money, by the way, I didn't even notice how the "bubble" stage went, and I sit out the first pay-jumps) At the end of my participation, as usual, I was given bad hands, I could not go all-in with them 😐 Damnit, I don't even remember finishing the MTT, but wait... I had problems with my Internet connection) lol) and I constantly corrected it, and restarted the poker-room) Yes, exactly) It was already morning and I was very sleepy, right) I finished the game quickly thanks 2 this)

But still, the result of that games made me happy) I returned what I lost in this damn marathon, and I hope that next time I will win more) After all, this is the best motivation 2 play, and of course write about it) I want 2 believe that U like it) Today turned out 2 be quite a big post, I hope U will appreciate it) Well, I will be preparing for the poker weekend, soon the bounty series on PokerStars, so I need 2 build up my bankroll 😉 Bye!

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