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Dangerous animals in Bali

Very often I hear from poker mates a question about the state of affairs with animals. Alex, what about dangerous animals on Bali?)))

I fully understand you. If you look at the pictures, especially their sizes and think WTF!....

So, if you take poisonous, but most people care about them, then:

Spiders. In Bali, there are no spiders poisonous to humans, but any unusual colorful tropical representatives of a lot) That is, to be afraid that some kind of tarantula will bite you and you will definitely not give the go-to another world)_

Mosquitoes and mosquitoes. There are many of these insects on the island, but there is no chance of catching malaria in Bali, it is still possible on neighboring islands. Here you can, it’s such a viral fever from which there is no cure yet, a very tough version of the flu, but usually, it lets you go in 4-7 days, just transmitted by mosquito bite. Once I was sick this was hard ... My wife also was sick is the worst than she ever was sick in life (

When I see scolopendras, I still tremble, I don't know why, but the PPC is scary))

The only thing worth fearing is the presence of several types of dangerous snakes, but they live in non-tourist areas, where it is unlikely that they will creep into your villa. Ordinary can, yes, but cobras or vipers, if you are not in the jungle it is unlikely). But you shouldn’t definitely smoke a snake yourself, I remember they did, it’s was adventure and they fly not weak, it’s better to call a neighbor or special service))))

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Tigers are only in zoo)).

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