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Daily dose of poker #1

Hey guys,

Yesterday spent a min and went through recent changes to the site. Nice work by admins, guys never stop thinking how to develop a bettter inviroment. Haven't read any of my collegues post though, couse I am still on the getting back to grind mood and have only a few hours a day now for poker, which I spent grinding cash NL2 (yes, I know, I got a little over the line at 6+ holdem and almost lost all of my bankroll).

In order not to deposit, I switched to cash NL2, which I feel more than comfortable playing and hopefully get to NL5 next weekend or make a deposit and grind. I also feel like playing Grand Tour at Pokerstars, what you think?

Below is a video replay of three hands I found intersting to highlight from todays session.

Feel free to leave a word about my game,




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GL amigos 🥑🥑🥑

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