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Chinese poker my LOVE!

Greetings to all! Have a nice day and good mood!

   In a previous post, I started looking at such an important aspect as starting hands in Chinese poker. 

Again, starting hands can be divided into five main categories:

  1. Ready hands
  2. Strong hands and monster draws
  3. Medium draw (3 cards)
  4. A pair
  5. High card.

Let's take a closer look at each category.

Ready hands

A ready-made 5-card combination from straight to royal flush. With the placement, everything is simple, the ready-made combination is placed on the bottom line, and the entire further distribution we focus on the remaining two lines, trying as far as possible to go to fantasy. Since this is one of the most important tasks to make the game as easy as possible.

Strong hands and monster draws

Strong hands include combinations such as sets or dopers, while monster draws are unprepared draws that lack only one card, i.e. in other words, 4-flush draw and 4-straight draw.In these situations, we will basically play this draw on the bottom line. In principle, the same category can be attributed to a 3-card draw combination, which simultaneously gives outs to both straight and flush.The sets go to the bottom lane, and give us increased chances of collecting fantasy, and of course, strengthening to a full house or four of a kind. With dopers (two pairs), not everything is so unambiguous, and depends on the seniority of the pairs. The best layout for low pairs is to set them to the bottom line. When laying out the top pairs QQ, KK, AA, it would be more correct to place, for example, QQ in the upper boxes and at the same time “cover” it on the middle, stronger combination of KK or AA.

Medium 3-card draws

In this category of hands, we have a lot of nuances that can significantly change the alignment, as well as a number of difficult decisions.

3-Straight Draw. In fact, not the best option for the bottom lane, because the chances of collecting it are already noticeably less, and we bear a greater risk of collecting a dead hand, but the reward is minimal - only 2 points. Therefore, in most situations, you should not try to make a straight with only 3 consecutive cards on it.

3-flush draw. Has a lot more outs for strengthening, but there are also a few things worth paying attention to. If we are in position, then we look at how many cards of our suit have already left the game. The seniority of our cards also matters, and what combination on the bottom line the opponent is aiming at.

A pair

Very often in our starting combo, there will be a pair. The layout depends on the dead cards and the seniority of the pocket. When distributing cards, you need to pay attention and think about: It's worth distributing the pair so that we have maximum flexibility on the following streets. That is why if a pair of kings came to us, we should not send them to the top box. The probability of collecting a dead hand will be much higher than collecting fantasy. Look at your opponent's cards when in position. If he laid out the third card to our pair, then we have only 1 out for strengthening, which means it is not suitable for the bottom lane.

High card

A very difficult type of starter to play, which is nevertheless very important. If we have two high cards, then the situation becomes a little easier. In many cases, it will be optimal to send the older card to the middle box, and the younger to the upper one. In all other cases, you need to focus on the opponent's card and intuition (humor).

I sometimes violate the standards of starting hands and sometimes it turns into a loss for me, and sometimes my risk pays off.

I invite you to play with me at HU on PM. Played very well yesterday with nemoruso17.

Good luck!!!!!

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Good luck

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Played very well yesterday with nemoruso17.


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