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Checklist important near-gaming moments

I’ll share my checklist. I advise everyone to have a similar one because practice around gaming moments is that you can make faster and easier to influence the results of your sessions.

So people forget that it is necessary to eliminate all the moments that negatively affect the Winrate and add all the positive points that can increase.

Each individual near-game moment may not greatly affect the overall win rate, but in aggregate they have a tangible effect.

A check-list of around-gaming moments to work out:

1. Workplace. My workplace is maximally isolated from external stimuli - no one comes to me during the game, there is no phone nearby, the TV does not work, etc.

Correct answer: Yes

Possible solution (if not): talk with family and explain why it is important that you are not disturbed, close the door to the lock, work with a friend’s laptop / in another place, eliminate all external stimuli, etc.

2. PC distractions. I eliminated all stuff on my computer that can distract me from playing the game - I don’t open Skype and other messengers, the browser with forums / YouTube is closed, the music doesn’t play or it plays correctly - not too invigorating and not too slow.

Correct answer: Yes

Possible solution (if not): hang yourself a reminder in front of the monitor “Distracted by rubbish, lost $ 10,000 at a distance”

3. Non-acquaintance.I don’t watch the results of the game session and day until I play the last session, neither in the HM nor at the box office and I did everything to not know and not to watch the results on time and after the sessions.

Correct answer: Yes

Possible solution (if not): I refused to view the results of the session, because I realized that viewing the results distracts my attention, reduces concentration and affects my state during the game - when I play in the minus, I get upset and start changing the game, when in the plus - I’m happy and want to finish the session faster and fix the result, or vice versa I start playing too aggressive. Anyway, in both cases, my condition and the game changes, and all this leads to a negative impact on Winrate.

4. Physical state. I determined which physical condition is optimal for me and I don’t do anything that negatively affects my physical condition before the game.

Correct answer: Yes

Possible solution (if not): I tracked my condition during the day and determined what factors negatively affect the clarity of my thinking and minimized their influence before starting the game.

For instance: I have a solid meal.

I'm too excited if I drank coffee.

I don’t think well when I didn’t get enough sleep.

I play worse the first 2 hours after getting up and 2 hours before bedtime.

I don’t think well when there is not enough fresh air in the room.

I quickly fall into tilt if I play tired after training in the gym or a long working day.

I don’t play optimally if I am overwhelmed by thoughts of unpleasant conversations or unfinished business.

… etc.

For each, this list will be individual - someone begins to tilt if he has eaten tightly, and someone, on the contrary, falls into a rage on an empty stomach. Someone's coffee is too invigorating, and someone without it can’t think clearly.

It is important to make your checklist, supplement it over time, and eliminate the maximum possible number of negative factors that affect your physical and mental state before and during the game.

I will finish my checklist in the next part see you!...

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