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Can online poker be rigged?(The opponent see my hands)

The opponent see my hands

Another interesting - and completely irrational - excuse ascribes to players a supernatural ability to see your hand. Believing this is easy, especially when you try to bluff and your opponent seems to know it, squeezing confidence out of you, and you out of the bank. Oil is added to the fire by poker TV tables, on which venerable poker players, such as Daniel Negreanu, seemingly call the opponent’s hand before the showdown, reinforcing the mystical belief in such opportunities. It doesn’t matter that poker mastodons have accumulated a decent base of hands lines and analyze the game well, recognizing the opponent’s ranges - this explanation is not as easy and exciting as the mystical ability to see cards.

As for the extrasensory explanation, it is enough to analyze the opponent’s game to understand that he has no superpowers. Why? If so he would play quickly and perfectly - because he sees all the cards of opponents at the table, he would not need time for analyzing and choosing a line of action, playing every good hand on preflop, and exploiting other players as much as possible because of his "secret knowledge."

But the poker world has not yet seen such unreal successful and profitable players who never lose and always play perfectly against each opponent - otherwise, everyone would have known about him.

The ability to see cards is another mistake of perception: you remember situations in which a particular player re-plays your bluff (because it is unpleasant), but situations where the opposite happens - plater give the bank to other players - are not stored (because it should be so).

In addition, it is highly likely that a player with whom you meet regularly can really recognize your range if you do not balance it - that is, play the same game with similar hands. Diversify your playing lines, giving your opponents a more difficult task of reading hands.

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