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Feruell’s biography

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888poker: ThrCnBeOnly1

Feruell is one of the most mysterious high rollers of our time. He is considered as the strongest Limit Hold'em player. Over the years of regular playing online, he has earned millions of dollars.

All the information about the player consists of his personal stories and graphs, which he posted on CGM and GipsyTeam forums (Feruell called his well - "The Feruell’s well: only one can be left"). The poker player has started to play poker professionally since the beginning of 2008. As the Russian had no problems with money, he moved from 1$ / 2$ - 2$ / 4$ limits to 5$ / 10$ - 10$ / 20$ in a couple of months and was focused on 10 000$ of income. Even then he set himself a goal to play at 50$ / 100$ limits and higher. Feruell has achieved his goal quite quickly and up to now, he has been playing against famous professionals at the most expensive limits on PokerStars.

Who is Feruell? The question remains to be unanswered yet.

"Feruell" is a Russian-origin poker player, but since 2011 the guy has been living in London, and he is a resident of the UK. This does not prevent him from being actively interested in political and economic situation in Russia, following the news of the country and expressing his opinion on a given occasion.

In addition to playing poker, Feruell also actively sponsors other poker players or make bets on the game.

Despite the Russian is known under the "Feruell" alias – he doesn’t use it as his nickname in the poker rooms. Feruell plays under the nickname "jama-dharma" at PokerStars and FullTilt and uses "ThrCnBeOnly1" at 888poker.

Interesting facts about Feruell:

  • Feruell is also called the Helmet or Darth Vader, since he has chosen Darth Vader from the "Star Wars" as his screen saver.
  • At the end of 2011, Feruell moved from Russia to the country of his current residence – Great Britain. The player has chosen this country for the permanent residence, since it suited him more than others by such criteria as language, absence of taxes on poker profits (he completes the tax return every year, which means he plays legally) and high standard of living. He also considered The Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland as an option for moving.
  • Every year the Russian passes a medical check-up in Zurich. There he also consults with his banker and lawyer on some issues.
  • The poker player lives in London in his own house. Before that he had rented a penthouse in an elite area of the British capital - Chelsea. Also, the player has an apartment in St. Petersburg.
  • Feruell has got a golden retriever named Bortan, whom he loves very much. The player got the dog in the end of 2013.
  • It is not much known about the poker player's personal life, but in the middle of 2016 (June 18, 2016) he shared the joyful news with the poker community – he became a father. The baby was called Victor.
  • Feruell has passed several training courses at Stanford University.
  • In accordance with Feruell, once he has invested a million pounds into British government bonds, as it is required by the rules of his investor's visa; Feruell has also bought an American SP 500 index for half a million dollars.
  • He is fond of Eliezer Yudkowsky's creativity and activity. His book "Harry Potter and the methods of rational thinking" is among Feruell’s favorite books. At the end of 2015, the poker player invested some money into organization MIRI (Machine Intelligence Research Institute) headed by Yudkowsky.  It is aimed at researching technologies of Artificial Intelligence controlling.
  • He has transferred money to the presidential campaign of Navalny.
  • Feruell lost around 200 000$ in Absolute Poker room as it was closed during the Black Friday.
  • In 2013, Feruell got a lifelong ban at PokerStars, allegedly, for buttoning (no-full ring game and getting out of the table right before the BB). After the proceedings, "jama-dharma’s" ban was canceled and the poker player continued to play in the poker room.
  • According to HighstakesDB, the "jama-dharma’s" graph at PokerStars (not taking into account results of the tournaments or games at limits below NL 25$ / 50$) is as follows:

Feruell's graph poker

Feruell on the social networks:

There is no information about Feruell’s pages on Facebook, Vkontakte or Instagram, however, he runs a blog, writes on Twitter: Jama @feruell, and in May 2018, the poker player created a group on Telegram entitled "To seem, rather than to be": https://t.me/ therecanbeonly1.