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Bingo players in poker

Hey mates,

Today I am on the road and managed to play some spin and go, before cell phone coverage went completely off. Won an x5, but lost all three of x2. The most frustrating thing now for me is to load this post, because the site got blocked by my government, since gambling is a big issue and a big mess ever since it got restricted. The topic today is bingo players! I call this a type of player, that risk anything, wheather its his or her chips or tournament life with cards, that have a huge mathematical disadvantage. I never understood, why those kind of players choose poker to do so?! It’s obvious you can get better chances playing roulette or slots, blackjack, bacarrat or any betting, but why poker? Even if the chances remain same, why choose poker to burn your money? For example slots are way more exciting, than poker, even though I think that slots are in the top of the boring list. At least the graphics are more interesting. I understand, that we all unique and can happily choose any way we want to gamble, but if I had money to spend gambling any way I want it, I think poker would’ve been among the last ways I’d choose. I’d probably burn it all at roulette - fast, exciting and with style. Let me know what you think and how would you gamble if had extra funds to do so.

Best of luck,


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