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Hi everyone, it's time for my blog:)

In the spring of the 18th, I just decided to learn the rules of poker, but I went too far. When I found out more information, I realized that poker is not roulette, and there are players who earn regularly. As a person fairly neat (or just a beggar), I began to play first for free chips and freerolls. My dream was to learn how to win at least $ 200-300 per month in poker. In the summer I managed to win my first $100 which I could cash out, and I was happy about it!

Then, until the end of the year, I continued to study in college, there was almost no time for the game, so I continued to collect information and studied periodically by watching streams/videos / EPT broadcasts. Nevertheless, at the end of the year, I had about $300 of profit for ABI 1-2 and was glad of this easy money.

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Hi hi ) 

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Welcome here, mate! waiting for the next post!

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