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Analysis through flopzilla p2

So how does it work

The first thing to do is put the range through flopzilla

In order to understand how to play our spectrum/hand through flopzilla, we need to understand what the opponent’s range contains and how he will respond to different bet sizes.

The analysis of the hands can be compared with a kind of poker laboratory in which we determine the EV of each action at each stage of the hand. In fact, if you learn how to properly analyze your game, it is only due to this you can safely pass micro limits and make a significant breakthrough in your game strategy.

Determine the starting hand range of the opponent

it is very important not only to determine the starting hand range of the opponent, but also to start from it in all subsequent thoughts !.

The rule is simple: we can only reduce the starting hand range of the opponent from street to street, but not increase it.

We determine the pre-flop range taking into account all the information we have on the opponent. The main parameters will be:

  1. Player Position
  2. His style and gaming features
  3. Actions in hand before him
  4. Statistics (if available)
  5. Dynamics

As for the last two points, statistics should be taken into account only if you have enough samples for the statistic you are interested in, and the concept of dynamics should be applied only if you are sure of its presence and relevance. If you are a beginner player, it is better not to refer to the dynamics, as often your perception may be erroneous.

So let's look at an example

We put the next range protection to the regular

His range consists of the following categories of hands

This opponent will continue to bet in ⅔

This is a bet at ½

this is a bet in ⅓

That is, we can already roughly calculate how many EV we have at different bets

pot 4.5BB

FE = 70% need40% EVbet2 / 3= 3.15-0.89=2.26

FE= 61% need33% EVbet1 / 2=2,74-0.87=1.87

FE=43% need25% EVbet1 / 3=1.97-0.84=1.13

But that's not all, then the most interesting thing to think about is how the range will change at subsequent bets

I didn’t take equity hand in my calculations, it’s important, but as an example, I lowered it to simplify the calculations at the current stage

Stage 2: We evaluate the change in the spectrum taking into account the board's composition and the opponent’s line

From street to street we narrow the range of the opponent, forming his final appearance ...

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